Invisible Ballots

Dr. David Dill
Dr. David Dill, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University.

Dr. Rebecca Mercuri
Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Bev Harris
Bev Harris, independent investigator and author of Black Box Voting

Dr. Avi Rubin
Dr. Avi Rubin, Technical Director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

Kim Alexander
Kim Alexander, Founder of the California Voter Foundation.

G. Edward Griffin
G. Edward Griffin, Executive Producer, President of American Media, and host of this program.

Produced, directed, and edited by William Gazecki, director of the Academy-Award nominated documentary, WACO: The Rules of Engagement.


History of voting systems
The Help America Vote Act
Problems with electronic voting
Errors & glitches in real elections
Fraud and tampering
Conflicts of interest
Should voting be privatized?
Honesty, oversight, transparency
The need for skilled poll workers
The voter-verified paper ballot


The DVD contains two versions: A feature-length 90-minute program and a 50-minute version for public presentations where time is limited. The VHS contains only the long version. Either format $24.50 discounted to $19.60 from The Reality Zone when combined with Bev Harris's book, Black Box Voting.

by Bev Harris

This is the book that blows the lid off the voting machine fraud! Harris relentlessly tracks down the story of large corporations seeking a monopoly over vote counting in future elections. She deserves a Pulitzer Prize for this work. $19.95 discounted to $15.96 when combined with the video documentary, Invisible Ballots.

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"Invisible Ballots shakes the foundation of any thinking American who is committed to the perpetuation of the 200-year-old experiment we call Democracy. It is a must watch!."
                         Warren Slocum
                         Registrar of Voters
                         San Mateo County, California

"The video is FANTASTIC! CONGRATULATIONS! Very well done!."
                         Vicky Karp
                         National Chaiman
                         Coalition for Visible Ballots

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